Saturday, October 26, 2013


Diane Mannion, LATE MORNING, 6x8" oil on linen, plein air! Facebook Pick of the Day!!!

Late Start

When my painting buddies wanted to meet at Caspersen Beach this morning, I said...YES!  
John went along to ride his bike while I painted.  Of course we had to stop at Benny's Bada Bing Bagel Shop on the way so we arrived a little (a lot) late.  

My friends were down on the beach and well on their way through the block in stage.  I set up on the boardwalk and had a good bird's eye view.  Painted fast to catch up and I'm pleased with the results.  Starting late and finishing early is a good way not to overwork it. 

 Sheila and Eileen.
The magic of painting on location!  Would NEVER see these colors in a photo.  There's nothing more satisfying (well almost, winning lottery ticket, or...) than bringing home a piece of time frozen in paint.  And even if it's not a masterpiece, it's a valuable piece of reference material for future studio work. 
View from Eileen Wright's easel.  8x10" masterpiece!!!

Here's a link to Sheila Thornton's painting... check it out!

And John rode from Venice to Nokomis and back and managed not to get hit by blind zombie drivers.


shirley fachilla said...

Love the sparkle and the color. You're so right; photos would never give you those colors (or at least, mine never do).

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Shirley! It's so much easier, at least for me, to paint from life rather than a photo. Even if it's a digital image blown up on a huge monitor... never the same as life. It's really important to paint from life as much as possible. Figure models, portraits, still life, landscape. The best camera in the world cannot see what your own eyeball and experience can collect.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic painting, Diane! I had a great time painting with you on such a gorgeous day.

Diane Mannion said...

Paint with you soon, Sheila!