Friday, October 25, 2013

On the Way

Diane Mannion, On the Way, 16x20" oil on linen

Plein Air to Studio

Lined up my favorite 8x10" plein air studies and had my husband choose which one he liked best... we both picked the same one.  This is a path to a beach on Manasota Key where I paint often.  Last summer the beach sunflowers were in full bloom.
Here's the original study on my easel and the first day's effort.  That's Too-Loose LaWreck in the background waving me on, a wood sculpture collaboration between my husband and yours truly.
This is how it looked by the end of the next day... too greeeen.

I've had many folks ask for larger versions of my small plein air studies.  Working on a few commissions and a body of larger works for galleries... a major transition.  I'm addicted to painting outside so it's difficult to stay put in the studio, especially when Floridian weather is cool and fabulous.

Entry for the Punta Gorda National Show, 2013!


mary maxam said...

Love the way the path swirls us right into the depth of the composition. And of course your brushwork is always great!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Mary! It's tough to get a good photo of larger paintings. The smaller ones always show up better, at least the brushstrokes show up. I love your work! Your flowers! Oh!