Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orchid in Blue Bottle

Diane Mannion, Orchid in Blue Bottle, #20, oil on linen/mounted

Painting Small with Big Ideas

Part of the fun of painting small is imagining what they would look like at four feet by two feet, instead of inches.  Wish I could say these tiny works were done fast... but not!  Often take as long as an 8x10" or larger.  
But they've inspired me to work much larger in February!  Itching to loosen up after all this tight work.  Already purchased some large brushes from the hardware store (bristle chips), one and two inches, for only a dollar or two each.  What a deal.  Also purchased a few fine, artist quality ones for over twenty-five.  Will be interesting to compare.
The next two weeks will be hectic with a full teaching schedule and the Light Chasers Plein Air Paintout in Sarasota County.  Glad I've painted enough of these little works to keep up with the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.


Unknown said...

This is wonderfully painted! I'm glad you pointed out that small works take just as long as some bigger works. You still have to make every brushstroke and blend every color exactly right, just using smaller brushes, and making it all the more challenging. I like your little jar series very much. They are each so different and yet they all go together in a little family. What a good idea!

Diane Mannion said...

Katherine, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment... appreciate it! These little jars certainly have taken my work in a new and unexpected direction.