Monday, January 20, 2014

Orchid in Cruet

Diane Mannion, Orchid in Cruet, #21, 3.5x2.5"oil on linen/mounted


Some artists think they need a recognized style, something I've worried about for years.  Painting landscapes, figures, still life... does an artist need to stick to one in order to develop a style?  And afterall, what is "style?"

I think style is pushing your skill level as high as possible,  a process that takes a lifetime... and is never really achieved.  Some artists fall into a "style" of painting that sells and get stuck there.  Once an artist stops growing... they're finished.

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Wendy Barrett said...

An interesting post Diane and good advice! I often worry that I have no style at all with my paintings, but I think it does evolve as skills improve. I know you've said before that you don't think you have a style and yet I can see you have one that is very distinctive - and your work also oozes quality!