Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Marigold and Amber

Diane Mannion, Marigold and Amber, 3.5x2.5" oil on linen/mounted, 2014 Snippets #9, 9/30.

Flowers and Glass

Everyone thinks I'm painting flowers and glass... but actually these little studies are simply an excuse to play with light and color.  Glass has a fabulous range of luminosity and reflections, like water... it's one of my favorite things to paint.  And flowers, while also translucent if the light's hitting them just right are a great subject to play with brushwork and color.

*I'm delighted with the response I'm getting for these tiny gems!  Thank you for your comments.

I have two workshops all mediums/levels starting next week!  Here are the sign-up links:

Punta Gorda Visual Arts Center.  Tuesday mornings 9-12.  All mediums/levels.

Ringling Englewood Art Center.  Wednesday afternoons, 1-4.


Kathleen Eve Kelly said...

Very nice! I'm amazed your painting something you can't eat! Haha!

Diane Mannion said...

Well, I WAS painting a sake bottle today... that counts, calorie-wise.