Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marigold and Violet

Diane Mannion, Marigold and Violet, 3.5x2.5" oil on linen/mounted, 2014 Snippet #8

Still Life Object Hunting

Found a few good objects to paint today while antiquing in Arcadia.  So many shops, so much to see... could only get through half of them before I couldn't look at another thing.  

Artists that paint still lifes (at least in my case) look at objects while mentally attempting to visualize how they would fit in a still life setup.  The plethora of shiny, weird, old and dusty, beautiful or simply interesting objects in this town is overwhelming.  Arcadia is a still life artist's dream!

Held up endless glass bottles and vases to the light imagining how they would look on canvas.  Stared at teacups and teapots until nervous shopkeepers began to worry.  
"May I help you?" they asked.  "Wish you could," I answered.

My catch of the day included a green glass sake bottle in the shape of a samurai... perfect companion for Mrs Butterworth.  Also a bear shaped strawberry jelly jar (pink lid, had to have it).  A little blue glass bird.  An empty lavender perfume bottle with the word Poison on it.  A set of old wooden children's alphabet blocks (great to share with my students).  And a pale blue linen table cloth with napkins that would be fabulous to paint! 

Mr Planter Peanut arrived today although he was not expected until Thursday!  He was waiting at the door when I got home.  Looks mighty handsome standing next to Mrs Butterworth and the samurai.


Unknown said...

I like the whole series of jar paintings! I don't which is my favorite... probably Mrs. Butterworth, because she reminds me of my childhood, having waffles for supper, with my dad. I like the colors that you choose and how you portray each bottle or jar with its own personality.

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Katherine. Love doing these little ones. Collected some great new subjects today. Can't wait to paint them. The more I look at these things, the more I see. Starting to imagine them as three feet by four feet instead of inches. I like glass and flowers because of the play of light and color... which is what I love to paint.

Kathleen Eve Kelly said...

Anytime you want to go to Arcadia to do antique shopping, just let me know! I particularly love this little painting you created but then, there's so many of yours I love. I am truly blessed to have you as my best artist friend! By the way, there is a nice place in Port Charlotte too for some unique things. We should go someday, it's right on 41.

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Kathleen! I'll let you know when I go up there again.