Friday, October 3, 2014

Cortez Fishing Boats

Cortez Fishing Boats, 9x12" oil on canvas, plein air, @Diane Mannion
Bradenton Paint the Town
Update: Received an Honorable Mention by Judge Bill Farnsworth!  Am honored!
(Wish I had taken a better photo of this painting, it was under studio lights, will replace later.)

The rest of the story:  The object on the left is a sunken boat and the black dots are cormorant fishing birds drying their feathers in the sun.

Even though I'm cranky about the 15 hours worth of driving this paintout will cost, it has been an interesting adventure.  I enjoyed the company of artists, but except for the Quick Draw, only came across a few.  And because I had to submit the paintings at 10am on the last day and the reception wasn't until 5... decided to head home.  Was tough decision! 

 Here's my setup and view from the dock.  And this is Maxie, a short legged pit bull who peed on my easel but didn't bite me.  His owner who lives in a nearby cabin told the story of how he had to get rid of all his furniture because of bedbugs (yikes!).  


Susan said...

I love the water, the boats, and the reflection of water on the boats!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you so much, Susan... and I LOVE your comment!