Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Caspersen Rocks Study

Caspersen Rocks Study, 5.5x8" pastel, Diane Mannion

Pastels Rock!

Stormy day here, perfect for studio pastel study.  Worked from digital photo reference, but a lot's from visual memory.  Changed the rocks around to form a pattern I liked, was not a slave to the photo. 
The photo colors simply don't show up as I remember them while painting on this location, which I do often (one of my favorite spots).  And every time I glance at the eye candy in my pastel box I want to add more colors just for fun! 

Pastels allow me to SEE colors I never would have thought to mix if I had been working with oils. Used assorted pastels, Rembrant, Girault, Sennelier, Great American, and NuPastels on UArt 400 sanded paper, one of my favorites along with Pastelmat and Canson Mi Teintes smooth side.

It's magical painting on this beach early in the morning when the shadows are long and the sun hits the algae covered rocks.  Usually only a few fishermen around, too early for most tourists except for beach walkers.  It's only towards noon that blankets go down,  umbrellas set up, and the shark's tooth hunters arrive with their gear, wading along with the shore birds or snorkeling outside the rocks.

Rocks aren't a natural site along Gulf Coast beaches, they were planted years ago as a way to prevent erosion… doesn't really work. 

Here's a shot of my favorite painting spot!  Venice, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico early morning.

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