Sunday, June 4, 2017

Market Boy

Market Boy, 5.5x8" pastel, Diane Mannion

Farmer's Market Find

Love roaming around the Farmer's Market snapping away on my iPhone, never know what will show up later.  This little guy was walking past the plant booth and appeared on the edge of a photo I shot of something else.  Loved how the light spilled across the plants onto his head and red shoes.  

Although I had promised to set up my plein air gear that morning, there was no way I could have captured him while painting from life.  Sometimes, photo reference comes in handy.

I'm healing well from surgery, ready to toss the cane… can't wait to get out there again!  Meanwhile, having fun playing in the studio.  This one was a mixture of pastel brands on Canson Mi Teintes ochre colored paper.  Here's an underpainting stage while it was still taped to the board.  

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