Thursday, June 1, 2017

Garden Plein Air

Garden Plein Air #2, 5.5x8" pastel, Diane Mannion

Learning Curve

Although I've had lots of experience with pastels, there are many new products, new pastels and new surfaces since I last dabbled in it.  Was not going to post this but my artist friend said they're not that bad.  And maybe someone could learn from my mistakes!  I know I did.
My plein air pastel setup in the garden.
Block in for first attempt on carton with Golden Pastel Surface
Alcohol wash… most fun!
First attempt.  Not happy with this surface, too rough!  Eats pastel sticks.
Second attempt, Garden Plein Air #2.  Used Canson Mi Teintes but picked wrong side, the dreaded screen door effect!  Much happier with the smooth or wrong side.  So, two mistakes in one day.
But at least the Canson didn't sand down my pastel sticks.
My foil tip for Helman's Double Sketchbox, keeps dust out of box and makes clean up much easier.

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