Saturday, June 10, 2017

Water Works

Water Works, 5.5x8" pastel, Diane Mannion

Studio Study

Hoping these water studies will help when I get back out in the field.  Still stuck in the studio (my favorite place, anyway) but developing a bit of house-itis.  Still healing from surgery, still can't drive but should be able to in a week or so, then at least I'll be able to sketch from the car.  Unusual stormy spell here in SW Florida, not used to so many gray days all in a row.  I thrive on sunshine and shadows!

Fascinated with water and rock patterns and love that I can move them around to help composition… not a slave to the photo!  Also working from visual memory, there are purples, oranges, and blues that don't show up in the photo.  Intensified color for dramatic effect using my artistic license!

Worked on Uart 400 with alcohol wash underpainting.  Assorted pastels… Girault, NuPastel, Rembrant, Sennelier, Great American.  Blended with hard pastels, no fingers!

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