Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Albritton Gallery

Albritton Gallery, 5x7" gouache, 2 day plein air, DMannion.

Oh, Gouache!

Painted for the James Gurney Paintastorefront Challenge

Having spent many years working in watercolors as an illustrator, I know the importance of white gouache for correcting mistakes!  I've discovered a renewed interest in gouache as a plein air medium that can be painted quickly (although this one was NOT quick!).  Gouache is light weight for travel, all that's needed is a tube of white gouache, watercolors, and a sketchbook.  Don't forget the brushes… I found stiffer synthetics, el cheap ones worked much better than soft, expensive sables.

***Discovered this about gouache:  Can start with a horrible, worst ever watercolor and paint over everything with gouache!  What a miracle!  HOORAY FOR OPAQUE!

Put my heart into this painting two mornings in a row (and some time in the studio for those itchy architectural details on the roofline).  The Fishery in Placida, a unique and historic fishing village will most likely be razed for condos.

Talked to the gallery owner, Margaret Albritton right after I finished this.  And, OH, GOSH!  She told me the building was once a post office and store of the Cole family… my maiden name.  Sigh.  If only I could inherit the place.  Now this building is special to me, a distant (really, really remote distant, to the moon and back) link on the family tree.  After learning this, the painting resonates history to me… thinking about my relatives working inside before air conditioning in the 1800's.
Set up the old Strada easel behind my car.  Notice the standing paintbrushes!  John drilled a few holes in the side panel for me.  I use this easel for oils, pastels, and now gouache, too.
Sad… vultures sitting on the roof, guess they know.

Have promised to write more about the Placida Fishery and show the many paintings I've done there since 2008… and I will.  But first, going back to paint there as much as possible before it's gone.

Thanks to James Gurney for suggesting the Paint a Storefront Challenge.  Visit the links below for his excellent gouache information and tons of other great stuff.  Fabulous artist!

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