Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bait House View

Bait House View, sketchbook gouache, plein air and studio, DMannion

Morning Paint

Nice time painting with friends at the Bait House in Englewood this morning.  Even in this heat we found a cool spot, or were so busy chatting and painting we didn't notice it was 93!

Still figuring out how to use gouache for plein air painting.  Used my Strada with wet paper towel and a sheet of paper on top.  Squeezed out the paints fresh from the tubes (although I had forgotten Ultramarine blue… oh, the horror!)  Had to make do with turquoise, instead.  Also sprayed the paint to keep it moist.  Worked really well!  

Should have left my sketch the way it was when I got back to the studio, sigh.  Will I ever learn?
Had painted over a film of hideous yellow and liked the way it showed through in spots.  At least I took a photo before I reworked it.   Learned about sealing watercolor paper for gouache to stay on top from James Gurney last night, worked well.  But should have left my sketch… just be a sketch!  I have a tendency to want to finish everything.  Over fiddled, it's not bad but, please tell me to stop next time!

This is how it looked before painting another painting on top!
Thumbnail sketch

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