Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pastel Scribble

Studio Model
14" x 11"
Sketch of woman posing at the Venice Portrait studio.  Every sketch is good for practice.  Have been doing a lot of little paintings that I haven't finished.  They will be posted later.  Finding teaching forces me to try different approaches and experiment a lot.  Think I'm learning more than my students.  If you think you know everything already... how boring would that be?  Right now I'd rather be outside painting or tinkering in my studio, but instead, have to get things ready for Thanksgiving.  Darn holidays just get in the way.  But  I'm thankful for my obsession with painting and teaching. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hitting a Wall

Third on First Street
8" x 10"
Sometimes, I feel like I've hit a wall with my paintings.  I visualize what I want in my head but it's another thing to bring that vision to canvas.  This painting was done to get myself to paint outside the box and push my technique.  I wasn't interested in painting another pretty picture.  This painting was done to explore technique, push style and skill level and practice for future paintings.  I wanted to capture color values, use bigger brushes and not get bogged down in details.  And work faster because light changes quickly when painting outside.  I was attracted to the pinkish-orange color of the building and the dark shadow thrown by the wall.  The soft shadow of a palm tree on the wall was actually just outside this paintings window.  Moved it over to add interest to the wall...  I can do that because I'm an artist!   A plein air painting doesn't have to be a photographic snapshot of a place.  It can be an impression, a collection of light patterns, colors, bits of architecture, wind blown wisps of trees, and moving shadows.  A feeling of time well spent splashing paint on canvas.  Something learned from this painting will enhance the next.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pastel and Chalk

Snook Nook
6" x 8"
Sometimes, it's a pleasure to sit on a bench in the shade with a sketchbook and a tiny box of Nupastels and scribble.   I like to feel inconspicuous when I'm working outside.  If I were writing in a notebook, no one would come over and look over my shoulder.  But start drawing and it attracts people like flies.  One man commented, "Oh, you're just using chalk."  I had to explain that pastel and chalk are not the same thing.  Pastels are pigment with binder and chalk is well, chalk with dyes that fade.  Next time, I need to find a better place to hide.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Less Blurry

House On Dolly Street
(sharper image)
9" x 12"
Here's a sharper, less blurry image of my winning painting from the Charlotte Harbor Art Sensations, Punta Gorda plein air paintout .  Photo tip: After winning a prize... never photograph your work while dancing a jig!  Hope this one looks better.  Also removed it from the frame so more of the edges show. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Winner!

House on Dolly Street
9" x 12"
My painting, House on Dolly Street,  won First Prize AND the People's Choice award at the Punta Gorda, FL, Art Sensation Plein Air Paintout!  

Monday, November 1, 2010

Portrait Study

11" x 8"
Twenty minute pose, sketched quickly and completed in the studio from a snapshot.  Soft pastels, Nupastels, and pastel pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes, smooth side.  It's amazing how a few tiny dots of white can make eyes sparkle.