Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Color Bootcamp

BRAIDS 1 & 2, 5x4", oil on Arches Paper, 30 min studies, Diane Mannion

Color Bootcamp

BRAIDS 1&2 are the first sketches since finishing bootcamp.  Used a reference shot I took of my model, Megan last summer but changed her first into a young girl, then a young woman. 

Spent the last four weeks recovering from surgery, so while stuck in the studio (which is one of my favorite places to be anyway)  was able to take an online course through the NEW MASTERS ACADEMY, link below.  

Finished the Color Bootcamp with Bill Perkins, wonderful experience, great practice, and learned a lot!  Especially how not to be afraid of 30 minute block ins!  This practice will also come in handy for landscape, figurative, and still life painting. 

All 30 head studies completed for the bootcamp on my easel!  Enjoyed the value, black and white studies that came first.  After doing a 30 minute study, Bill Perkins does the same exercise... I often did another 30 minute study after seeing his solutions.  And later, I watched him doing the exercise before I did mine.  Great learning experience!  Bill's a terrific instructor.

I've always attempted to paint what I see, Bill Perkins takes it another step... paint what you know about color.  Exaggerate the play of warm and cool colors.  I'm excited about the colorful possibilities for my future work.

The cost of a year's subscription to the New Masters Academy is less than what folks pay for one workshop!  Fees can also be monthy.  A wealth of information... well worth it!  

Here's the link:  NEW MASTERS ACADEMY

Steve Huston, an incredible classic figurative painter, is one of the founders and another instructor.  I've purchased his book and watched his free three hour head study video on Youtube.