Saturday, March 27, 2010

Venice Landscape and Seascape

40" x 30"
      My painting, TRIUMPH! placed third in the Venice Landscape and Seascape exhibit last night.  Show will be on until April 15 at The Venice Art Center, 390 Nokomis Ave, Venice, Florida.  
      Painted this old tug many times last summer.  Drove to Laishley Marina, Punta Gorda yesterday to make sure it was still floating... has tons of character and rust.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Venice Airport

8" x 10"

      Plein air painted during Venice Invitational a few weeks ago.  It was a dark and stormy day, showers on and off, windy and unusually cold for Florida!  Had my paintbox set up next to  my van in a parking lot next to the runway.  This plane, was parked behind a fence which I left out.  There was a friendly neighborhood bar on the other side of the parking lot.  At 2:30 when I started this, a worker came over and asked me to bring the finished painting in to show to the owner.  I said, "sure."  By the time I finished at 4:30, I had watched many men walk into the bar and decided I wasn't going to walk in by myself with a wet oil painting to find the owner, chicken that I am!  But if my friend, E had been with me... I'm sure we would have gotten free drinks and airplane rides!  Oh well, maybe next year. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wipe Out

10" x 8"
      Portrait studio, Punta Gorda VAC.  Painting is like fishing... sometimes it's a keeper, sometimes it get tossed back.  (Not talking about catch-and-release here, where they're all tossed back.)  Not thrilled with my painting of Barbara.  Models shouldn't try to smile for three hours, but I'm not blaming her, the fault is mine.  If a model wears glasses, they should be kept on, they make great "landmarks" for drawing.   The glasses were removed after the first pose then put back on at the end.  Wasn't happy with my profile view, I should have moved.  I like a few spots around the eyes and it was good practice.  Every painting is practice for the next.  And after I wipe this one off, I'll be ready.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fresh Plein Air

Marjorie's Tracks
8" x 10"
      Early morning at Venice Beach.  Finally, a warm day.  Painted all last week with gloves, jackets and wool hat during the Venice Invitational.  Painted six paintings, three in the show at the Venice Art Center, and three paintings that I need to rework in the studio or go back on location.  Received a phone call just as I was about ready to overwork this one and had to leave.  Will let it be.  It works!  Sometimes, paintings are finished before we know it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Venice Beach Plein Air Invitational

Scrub Jay, our mascot for the Invitational.  Painting all this week in Venice.  Will post after the event.  Thirty-one great artists painting all around town.  Opening this Friday night at the Venice Art Center... 5-7, then the show will be up two weeks.