Monday, February 27, 2012


Diane Mannion, HEMINGRAY, 6x6" oil 
Spring cleaning time and I keep coming across objects collected for future still life paintings.  Took time out and did a sketch of this one today.  Don't know exactly what it's called, a glass insulator for electric lines, I guess.   Perhaps it was used to protect birds from shocks, another guess.  If anyone knows what it's actually called and what it's use was, please email me.  The words, Hemingray-16 and Made in the USA wrap around the bottom part.
**This information was sent to me from a woman who's husband worked on the Union Pacific railroad:
"Many years ago, the railroad used these insulators for radio contact. When they modernized
years ago, the insulators were all removed and replaced with the modern means of communication."  She also reported that her husband had collected boxes of them at that time and they came in many colors. 

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