Saturday, March 31, 2012

Julie's Orchid 2012

Diane Mannion,  JULIE'S ORCHID, 6x8" oil
Sometimes, when a new technique is learned, another inspiring art book is read, another artist I admire... well, all these things influence the way I paint until I assimilate them into my own way of painting.  Going through another transition stage with my work and have to allow for the change in style.  My brain understands what I want to achieve and also my mind's eye... but it may take awhile for the paint and brushes to catch up.   But...  happy pushing the limits of what I can do now.
This orange orchid was pinched from a friend's plant growing outside her door.  Each year this plant has more and more blossoms and I don't think she noticed I took one little branch.  If she reads this blog, I'm in trouble.  Didn't have much time to paint today with all the Saturday chores, but pleased with this fast sketch.Buy.

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