Sunday, July 22, 2012

Snippet Series #7

Diane Mannion, Snippet Series #7, 3.5x2.5"oil on linen
      Antique Hood cream or milk pint bottle, another one from my collection.  Painting clear glass is scary!   Had to forget I was painting glass and just think about shapes and colors,  putting them together like a puzzle.  And there's really no such thing as white, even the whitest white had a touch of lemon yellow for a warm highlight or blue for cool.  And the same for the background... all just mixtures of red, yellow, blue, and white. 
      It's Sunday and I didn't have a chance to paint.  With family and friends and all the wild parties going on... was happy to have this little one I did a few days ago to post.  Have plans to get out and paint in the morning before the afternoon thunderstorms kick in.

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