Thursday, August 2, 2012

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Diane Mannion, Through Rose Colored Glasses, 8x6"oil

      Painted with larger brushes, attempting to capture light and color with fewer strokes than my usual way of fiddling and fussing.  Painting a painting, not a rendering.  Letting go of my habitual illustrator's tendencies.
      I think there are "painter's paintings" and paintings that well, non-painters like.  "Gee, that's great, looks just like a photograph," some non-painters say, thinking it's a compliment.  But there comes a time when an artist wants to stretch the boundaries.  Push color, push light, push values... and let the brushstrokes show!  Painting from life, from reference, and from accumulated visual knowledge and memory.  And chasing the vision seen through rose colored glasses of the imagination.  And in my case, glasses smudged with layers of linseed oil.  SOLD

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