Friday, September 28, 2012


Diane Mannion, JARRING, 3.5x2.5" oil on linen
Snippet Series #23

      JARRING, the title of this painting is how I feel about painting again after taking time off for a jarring life situation.   (My husband will be fine!  Phew!)  This bottle's another small practice piece shocking myself back to the palette after a break in routine.  Every painting is an experiment and practice for the next one... this one focused on brushwork and palette knife technique.   And painting glass is delightful!  (While searching for bottles in an antique shop, a dealer actually thought I painted on glass.  Same thing happened at a party when I told someone I was a painter... thought I was a house painter.)
      While painting this, I listened to the Artists Helping Artists CW Mundy interview.  Helped me paint this jar as a "painting" rather than a rendering or illustration.  JARRING my technique and having more fun while doing it.  CW Mundy shares so much about how he creates his work.  He's a wonderful and generous teacher.
      A lot of my small bottle paintings have been purchased by collectors here and around the world.  It's a thrill to wrap, pack, and send them off!  Almost as much fun as painting them.  SOLD

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