Sunday, October 14, 2012

Greenhouse Jungle

Diane Mannion, Greenhouse Jungle, 8x10 oil on linen

      It's impossible to reproduce the heady scent of orchids blooming in the Selby Gardens Greenhouse in Sarasota, Fl.  No, didn't set my easel up there, but have wandered through often, wishing I could.  Photo reference had to do.
      Started this painting during Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop last weekend in Jacksonville at the Eileen Corse Gallery.  Only had time to block in the underpainting.  Scratched my name on the bottom left with my handy-dandy meat skewer stick while the paint was still wet.  Much easier than painting it with a brush!  
      Home again, I took the painting to show during a class I was teaching in the Venice Art Center.  Dropped it face down on the floor... still a few scratches on the bottom left corner that I left for dramatic effect.
      Then I took this painting to work on during a demo at Ringling's Englewood open house on Saturday.  Kind of difficult to paint and talk at the same time, but did drop in some lights.
      Finally, this morning... was able to finish it!  I'm pleased with the way I was able to play with the light flickering on the orchids and leaves.  It's still a rough sketch, left it the way it developed on top of an (unfortunately) dry underpainting.  I prefer to work in alla prima style, wet into wet, but this time wasn't able to.  Can't wait to try it again, gradually working in the new techniques I learned at Dreama's workshop.
      My excuse for not finishing it sooner and not posting all week:  WORKED ON MY FIRST ARTBYTE TUTORIAL FOR DAILY PAINTWORKS!!!  As soon as it's posted I'll let everyone know.  Really proud of this honor.

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