Friday, October 19, 2012

Lichee Black Tea

Diane Mannion, Lichee Black Tea, 10x8" oil on linen

      This might look a bit familiar if you check my last post!  The more I looked at the painting at that stage, the more I wished I had done.  So, rather than rubbing it out, I reworked it... a free feeling of not having anything to lose.  I took more chances adding and changing and am MUCH happier with it!  
      Many years ago, when I was working in watercolor, I did a still life by adding objects as I went along.  Without any plan but filling the space in a visually pleasing way, I painted one object and then another without ever setting everything up together.  This painting happened in the same way and I think I'll continue playing with this system.  Letting the still life grow piece by piece organically... an all natural, organically grown still life!

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Linda Roth said...

It is a good system. It brought this painting around. Beautiful, admirable, inspirational work Diane.