Friday, November 9, 2012

Phillipi Estate Rose Garden

Diane Mannion, Phillipi Estate Rose Garden, 8x10" oil 

      Another dog rescue... painting I'm not happy with, rework or rescue later.  Or, "Can this painting be saved?"  Sometimes, there's a bit here and there I like but lots more I don't.  Rather than let it go, it's fun to paint over and see if it can be revitalized.
      First layer was painted outside the day hurricane Sandy was heading up the east coast of Florida.  Gusty winds, umbrella blew off, painted rapidly, took snapshots and left early.  Unfortunately, the reference photos were lost somewhere in digital land.  So this dog rescue is painted from memory and imagination.  
      Here's the original dog which I didn't like because the colors were too dark.  There was not enough difference in the forground, middle ground, and background values.  I'm only a slightly happier with the new dog which will not be rescued again.  Time to move on!


Unknown said...

These are so lovely! The soft colors really create a relaxed inviting feeling. I like the little touches of flowers dancing around.

Mail Order Roses said...

You actually did good with that painting . Keep sharing your artworks on gardens.

Diane Mannion said...

Wish I lived closer to your beautiful nursery! Thank you for your comment.