Sunday, December 30, 2012


Diane Mannion, JADE PLANT, 8x10" oil on linen

      Last painting for 2012... and it's the 170th.  Last year I made it to 200, but this year painted a lot more larger size paintings so I don't feel too bad.  Here's the demo for this one:
 Stage 1
It's the one on the bottom left... working on one sheet of linen taped to a board.  Will cut the paintings apart later and mount them.  Started Jade Plant with a transparent underpainting and then sketched out the location and composition with my new, handy-dandy Colour Shapers (find them at Jerry's or Blick).  Nice thing about this technique is no extra paint to muddy things up at this stage, removing paint instead of adding it.
Stage 2
Added darks and wiped off lights with Gamsol and paper towels.
 Stage 3
Worked with opaque paints (using white and opaque colors).  Signed it!  It's not an ego thing (maybe just a little)... but I like to scratch the signature with my meat skewer stick and it only works when the paint's wet.  Finished the bottom right and scratched it in before the painting's finished!  So now I know I HAVE to finish it!
Tinkered all over, finished jade plant which is the star of the show.  Played with light and broken color, an impressionist technique.  Polished the pansy, too.

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