Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Rose Study

Diane Mannion, 30 Rose Study, 8/10" o/c

                                          Last of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!!!! 

Hooray!  Dancing a jig!  Glad I did this challenge and glad it's over.

Some of the things I learned while pushing the paint brush this month:

1. Some paintings came out great, some not so great... but something was learned from each one.
2. I can paint under pressure and tune almost everything else out. 
3. Don't have to have ideal painting conditions.  Can ignore studio clutter.
4. Can paint inside, outside, in the car, or in the classroom while teaching.
5. Can paint and teach/talk while doing a demo.
6. Larger paintings take the same time for me to do as much smaller ones.
7. I can paint faster and looser.
8. If it's not finished, I can call it a sketch or study (great discovery).
9. I can stop working on a painting before over working every detail.
10. I can have more fun painting, not take it too seriously.
11. Can push technique and experiment more!
12. I can paint 'till midnight if I must, but don't like it.

I enjoyed being part of the almost 300 hundred artists that also painted in this challenge.  A special thanks to Leslie Saeta for leading it.  Please visit her blog to look at the other artist's work.  And listen  to AHA, Artists Helping Artists Blogtalk Radio.  Here's a link to the Challenge show.


c.dingman said...

Wonderful feeling of light.

Kelly Dombrowski said...

Congratulations for finishing strong! I learned similar things! Amazing!

Kathleen Eve Kelly said...

If I may comment on what you learned by the numbers listed.

1. Not only YOU learn something, we learn from you!
2. I WISH I could tun everything else out.
3. Ignoring studio that's amazing!
4. We LOVE when you paint in the classroom.
5. But can you chew gum?
6. Brush size is relevant, isn't it?
7. You sure can paint fast and loose.
8. I love your discovery too, but mores that you shared it with us!
9. Probably any artist's greatest challenge.
10. I do enjoy my painting time too!
11. The challenges do help you push technique and to experiment.
12. Oh, that's my best know me, an early riser...haha! (EARLY as in 1 start painting.)

Congrats you got to one last word. I'm so happy it was flowers, because if it was sweets you had to paint, well, that would have packed on


Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Everyone! Your comments helped me get through this challenge.