Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cigar Maker's Cottage

Diane Mannion, Cigar Maker's Cottage, 8x10" oil, plein air

e the sketchy quality and how the red oxide underpainting shows through unifying the color.  Painted as a demo at the History Park in Punta Gorda while teaching landscape, so much nicer than teaching in a classroom.   Wonderful introducing people to painting outside that have never done it before.  Had a perfect spot to park our cars and paint from the open backs.  Cloudy day with on and off sunlight.  Added the cat and flowers on the porch because if I lived in that cottage I would have both.  And as Terry Miura says, MSU... "Make Stuff Up!"
Snapshot of location... good example of why it's more fun to paint from life than photos!
The painting after a transparent oxide red underpainting and darks were started.


Unknown said...

So pretty, I love those hints of orange that wake up that cloudy day. I am going to remember that acronym MSU, love it!!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Cat! Wish you were there painting with us.