Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potted Jungle

Diane Mannion,  Potted Jungle, 6x6" oil, 1hr, 100% plein air
This painting is a one hour study.  Set timer and painted the first thing that caught my attention outside this morning.  An exercise in loosening up and pushing the brush faster.  When timer chimed, brush down, paintbox closed!  No cheating!   
 Value Study
 Loved how the sun hit the flower pot and plants.  Orchids, ivy, lilies, rosemary, coleus, and the still-blooming after Easter...Christmas poinsettia!  All clustered in a jumbled jungle so they could be moved inside on cold nights this winter.  Hard to believe we had to scrape frost off the windshield last week down here in SW Florida!  The canaries, Gouldian finches, and the parrotlet also survived the winter in the lani with the shutters closed at night. 

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