Thursday, August 22, 2013


Diane Mannion, WAFFLING WAVER, 12x9" oil on linen
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HOW TO PAINT IN 37 MINUTES... (or not)

Started this painting with every intention of leaving it as a 37 minute exercise... 
inspired by Robert Genn's recent post... but when my kitchen timer went off at 37 minutes,
I wasn't ready to let go.  
 The 37 Minute Stage.  Could see where I wanted the painting to go and also where it shouldn't!  Figure was too large for the space and feet too close the bottom.

Second pass... drew the figure again.  Painting closer to my imagined vision.  
(I'm glad I saved an image of this stage because there's a lot I like about it, even more than the final version!  Will study it to figure out what works for future reference).

Wrapped in freezer wrap in freezer overnight to keep the paint wet.    Wrapped brushes, instead of washing... popped them in the freezer.  Also put plastic freezer wrap on paints in paintbox but didn't put in freezer.

 Final version again... after taking some time off painting (not by choice!) my brush is about as hesitant as the young girl getting her feet wet.

Genn's advice for short painting sessions is excellent for training the hand to move faster and 
tricking the brain into a visual rather than critical mode.  For now I'll use the 37 Minute Exercise for starts... but who knows, maybe someday I'll actually finish one in 37 minutes.


Maria Bennett Hock said...

Great exercise...but I dont' think 37 minutes would be enough time for me! I love this painting and love that you shared part of your process. It turned out beautifully!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your comment, Maria. You're right though, 37 minutes is not enough time, and afterall... why hurry when doing something you love.

Wendy Barrett said...

This is AMAZING Diane! You have so much light glittering and sparkling throughout the painting. Divine!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your glowing compliment, Wendy!