Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's A Shore Thing

Diane Mannion, It's A Shore Thing, 40x30" oil on canvas

National Show Entry

Finally finished one of my entries for the Punta Gorda National Show!  Have two backup paintings ready also.  Don't know why so many deadlines happen around the holidays.

Painted on top of an old one that was never finished.  Thought it would be easy... not!  Had plenty of reference material, plein air studies and photos, but this was a struggle.  

Not only is this painted on an old painting, but I kept changing it and during the process, estimate it's three or four new paintings thick.  Kept getting it and losing it.  I could see what I wanted in my mind but achieving that vision was almost impossible.  Maybe the next one.  

Simply had to stop and let this one live.



What a lovely painting…the best on your blog!

Diane Mannion said...

Dear Carol, You have no idea how good your comment makes me feel! Heartfelt thanks. Diane