Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cool May Morning

Cool May Morning, 6x8" oil on canvas, plein air, ©Diane Mannion
The Canvas Path

Got an early start yesterday morning while the shadows were long and the air was cool.  Caspersen Beach, Venice, painted the same path as yesterday's post, but from left side instead.  Another spot where 100 paintings could be created!  And had the delightful artistic camaraderie of my painting buddy...EW. 

A few people stopped by to see what we were doing and cheer us on.  One man asked, "What style would you call that?"  Took me a while to answer because I don't think about style, don't even know if I have one, just want to make a good painting.  "Could be impressionisim,"I answered.  "Ah, yes, IMPRESSIONISIM," the man said, happy with my label.

But my favorite comment was from a  man who said, "That looks so relaxing."  
"Actually," I said... "It's terrifying!" 
He walked off before I could explain that it's difficult and challenging work.  Always thinking, looking hard attempting to translate the visual world into paint.  An hour can go by and nothing moves but my painting arm.  Legs seize up from standing... I forget to step back and look at my work from a distance.  It's a tense occupation, far from relaxing.  Exhausting, often frustrating, but a delightful addiction, a joy!
Location and my setup:

Striving to become a better painter is only found through darn hard work.  Painting for miles and miles along that brush-beaten canvas path is the only way.

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