Thursday, May 8, 2014

See Trial

See Trial, 5x7" oil on linen, plein air, ©Diane Mannion

See Trial

Marine term... Sea Trial, when a vessel is tested for sea-worthiness.  This morning, tested my new James Coulter Mini Easel for the first time!  A see-how-it-will-work-out trial.  Wanted to work out the kinks before taking it on a "real" painting expedition.

 Only had about a half an hour to sling paint before going back home for studio and house renovation work.  Found a shady spot under a tree in a nearby park with no one around.  Bliss!  At least for ten minutes until a curious man showed up.  Then a whole group set up lawn chairs in the parking lot behind me.  Sigh...

But my first trial of the Coulter easel was flawless.  Love the speedy setup and take-down ease!  Happy with the light weight!  Tripod, box, brushes, paints, Gamsol, sketchbook, and towels fit in one boat bag.  
 Location, easel, and sketch stage:

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