Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ginger Flower

Ginger Flower, 11x14" oil on linen, ©Diane Mannion


Starting a series of garden paintings.  Some will be still lifes set up outside and some, like Ginger Flower will be captured in gardens or nurseries.  Goal is to begin 11x14"s on location and finish in the studio.  Perfect approach for Floridian summer weather, cool mornings outside, cool air conditioned afternoons inside.  

This painting was started with the Englewood Plein Air artists at a local builder, Southern Living Design.  The shady garden was filled with tropical foliage, splashing fountains, and singing birds.   Artists were lulled into several hours of creative bliss.

I was immediately struck by the light patterns on the blooming ginger!

Sketched composition with transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue.  Pushed paint around with paper towels working out value structure.  Captured color notes and mentally absorbed the atmosphere and sense of place.  Took plenty of reference photos and after a couple of hours headed back to the studio to finish while the experience was fresh in my mind.
Unfinished, plein air stage:

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