Monday, August 25, 2014

Pressing Dimensions

Pressing Dimensions, 11x14" oil/linen panel, ©Diane Mannion

Trompe d'Oil
Pressing the three dimensional world into two!

Found out about a trompe d'oil competition two days before the deadline and (ha) thought I could do it... but was fun trying anyway.   Have wanted to experiment with this genre so this was a good excuse to try one.  

Found the iron in an antique shop in Maine over twenty years ago.  Has been used as a doorstop ever since (even survived a "bad" poodle that liked to lift his leg on it).  This iron also brings chills to the hearts of my students because I've made them play spin-the-iron and draw it from every angle.  I've always wondered what poor soul wore the paint off the handle with hard working fingers.

Tore the fabric patch off a robe that belonged to my mother.  I remember the day we bought it!  While trying on clothes in a large dressing room in a fashionable store, I managed to get stuck in a bathing suit.  "Mom?" I called, asking for help... and heard six or seven other moms answer.  Must have been lots of mother/daughter shopping teams that day.  

John built the cabinet which I changed a lot to suit the design.  Had to add a few dings and scratches for artistic drama.  

The flowers were silk, not my favorite type to paint but hold up well under  lights.  Dried white flowers on bottom shelf were real.  But this is a trompe d'oil... a genre that attempts to fool the eye, so artificial flowers fit right in.

First stage and set up.

NFS (for now)

3 comments: said...

This is fabulous!
Trompe d'Oil is a natural for you and your sense of volume and detail.
Right off the bat you set up a great still life, Diane, and I know some artists who are good at detail, but who could never envision what you came up with so quickly.

Diane Mannion said...

Julie, your comment means a lot to me! Yes, I had a great time with this... will do some more. After speedy plein air work, it's a pleasure slowing down and really looking a details. Meanwhile, I've been loving your watercolors on Yupo!

Wendy Barrett said...

This is stunning Diane! Such an inventive composition and wonderful colours! I haven't seen an old iron like that that is coloured - I have a couple that I use for doorstops but they are all black.