Sunday, September 28, 2014

Star Fruit

Star Fruit, watercolor, 6.75x9.5" ©Diane Mannion
Day 28 of the 30/30

Used extremely limited palette, mainly ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.  Yellow ochre and a touch of Indian yellow.  That's it!  A triade palette... red (burnt sienna), yellow (yellow ochre), blue (ultramarine blue).

Everything that was "white" such as the bowl, had all three colors in it, leaning towards yellow ochre or blue (warm/cool). SIMPLE, natural, and easy-doodle.  Greenish color in the star fruit... yellow ochre and ultramarine blue.  Easy peasy.

Found this bowl in a favorite Goodwill.  Loved the dancing characters and the blue and white patterns.  The star fruit are from our neighbor's tree.  John made a fantastic pie with them... even though they're not my favorite fruit.  The trick is to eat them when the ridges are brown, not green.  They taste much better when ripe.

Only two more days of Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days.  Full report on the 30th.

Won third prize at the Brandenton Paint the Town Quick Draw today!  What a surprise!  Lots of wonderful paintings created in two hours.  Will report on this after the 30/30 is over. 


Tam Foree said...

Beautiful work. Love, Love Love the bowl. You did a great job on this work!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Tam!

Karen Johnston Daily Paintings said...

My new favorite!! I love this Diane,what a beautiful job! I have used that same palette a couple of times, it's lovely!! All your 30/30 paintings are wonderful. I got behind due to renovations going on here and haven't been able to catch up!!

Michele said...

I agree with Tam, saw this on your Facebook post and it took my breath away!