Thursday, March 19, 2015

Artists Acres Fragment

Artists Acres Fragment, 8x8" oil, ©Diane Mannion
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My Square

About twenty-five artists each painted a square fragment from a large, digitally enhanced, reference photo.  They will all hang together like a patchwork quilt, an interesting mix of styles and techniques.  The framed, 3x4' creation will be sold to benefit the Art Alliance of Lemon Bay on Dearborne Street, Englewood. 

Fun project!  Forced me to paint something different than my usual subject and style.  Added the cat, figure, and gator from imagination (yes, there are gators in the pond!).  Also added purple and viridian to my palette, colors I don't always use.  They make a nice gray with a touch of orange and white.

I'll add a photo of the final, total project,  here later.

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