Friday, March 13, 2015

On the Other Hand

On the Other Hand, 6x6" oil/linen, ©Diane Mannion

Dailypaintworks Challenge!

I'm hosting a painting challenge at Dailypaintworks this week!  


This challenge was inspired by an ungraceful tumble I took at an art show last weekend. A collision between someone's large foot and my shin caused me to land like a sack of potatoes. Injured both my pride and drawing hand!

Thought it would be fun painting with my non-wounded hand. So I set up a simple still life and slapped the brushes around. It was interesting, but I'll be glad when the bandages come off.

So I dare you to paint with the opposite hand you usually use... no cheating! This really helps loosen up technique and makes you think about every stroke. Use lots of paint and let it be shaky and weird.

You may use my photo reference or set up something for yourself. The results may surprise you! (Or not.)

The challenges on Dailypaintworks are free and anyone can enter.  There's a world of great painting knowledge, ideas, and experiments collected in several years of weekly challenges.  Enter online or work on the suggested topics on your own.

Also check out the great challenges posted by Carol Marine who recently published a fabulous book on painting... DAILY PAINTING.

Here's a link to the site:


Marcela Strasdas said...

You did a great job with your other hand!!! I hope you recover soon!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Marcela. I'm lucky! Hand has healed and I'm back to painting with it.

Diane Mannion said...

Dear Mico, I'm glad the DPW Challenge worked for you. I'm thankful for your comment... usually I delete the ones from Anonymous, (so much spam). Happened to read this one and glad I did.
Thank you!