Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pinecraft Park, Sarasota

Pinecraft Park, Sarasota, 5x7" watercolor, plein air, Diane Mannion

The Company of Artists

Drove to Sarasota this morning to paint with the Light Chasers.  Artists were scattered all along the edge of Phillipi Creek while cloud shadows drifted across the landscape.  Gentle Amish folk strolled by in dresses and bonnets, and quietly peeked over our shoulders watching us paint.

Behind me, children in a playground tested their lung capacities, shrieking and shouting.  But that noise faded once I moved my brush, focusing on the view.  Artists stopped to chat once in awhile, comparing notes and news.  Splendid way to paint... in the company of artists.

Actually, I didn't feel like painting at all.  Happens sometimes.  So instead of painting with oils,  sketched with watercolor.  But once started, and lost in the moment, the boundaries of mediums disappeared.  Scribbled with pencil and let the watercolor flow on top.  The boat and two people appeared later, just in time to paint them in.  Two people appeared on the path in the distance while a few birds flew overhead. 

Happy with this one.

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