Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Sisters Again

Two Sisters Again, 16x20" oil, ©Diane Mannion

Plein Air to Studio

Two Sisters are a well known pair of trees on the Venice, Florida shoreline.

Working up some of my field studies into larger versions.  Made so many changes on this one that it's at least three paintings deep!  Got close to my original idea then the painting seemed to have a mind of it's own and pulled me in another direction.

So much of painting on location depends on simplifying what's there; so much of studio painting relies on visual memory and imagination.  Could not have painted this studio version without the experience of painting on this location often.  Photo reference does not capture the sense of place and lies about colors and values.

The other difference between plein air and studio is TIME.  Field studies are painted in a couple of hours before the light changes.  The technique is loose and energetic.  It's always a thrill to drop a few in the box before noon.

Studio works take a lot longer, so PATIENCE is needed!  It takes days or weeks for one painting... polishing and refining and taking the work as far as possible.  Or letting the work take YOU as far as possible.

Hot Floridian summer's a great time to chill in the air conditioning and explore new painting directions.  But I'll still venture outside to paint on location with the Heat Strokes (my private group, usually just me and a friend).  There's always a bit of shade and breeze somewhere early in the morning.

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