Thursday, July 9, 2015

Turn Around

Turn Around, 9x12" oil, ©Diane Mannion


Caspersen Beach, Venice, Florida

Even when painting early in summer, it's important to find shade!  This often limits the choice of scenic spots.  But it's amazing how a place usually overlooked will begin to work when you look around long enough.  I had first thought to paint the scene behind me, but the way the light fell across the road in front of me became the subject.
Here's my Strada Mini with a car sunscreen attached with bulldog clips.  Even though I have a painting umbrella, I'm getting ready to travel without it.  The screen folds and fits into my backpack.  Although I was painting in the shade, sun dapples fell across my panel and the screen worked well blocking them out.  It's also a useful device to hang beneath the easel to block glare.  
Location stage of the painting before studio adjustments.

3 comments: said...

You always capture the light perfectly, Diane. The colors are beautiful. Nifty idea to use a car sunscreen and I am trying to figure out how I could attach one to my set-up. You have given me something to explore. Thanks for sharing

Diane Mannion said...

Hi Julie Ford Oliver! Nice to hear from you. I use bulldog clips or clamps to attach the sunscreen. Some kind of velcro system might also work. Let me know how you rig one up. Great for traveling without umbrellas. The only problem could be wind, but that's also a problem with umbrellas. Painting on location is tough but SO WELL WORTH IT!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

GREAT work and I love the colors!