Monday, August 31, 2015

Gouache Practice

Gouache Practice, 4x6.5" gouache, Diane Mannion

More Gouache Practice

I've been working with gouache in the studio by doing small sketchbook studies.  Once I'm more comfortable with this medium, will take it outside for field sketching.   Gouache will be useful for quick color thumbnails before working in oils on location; a lot of decisions could be made before painting, hopefully avoiding future mistakes and corrections.

Pencil thumbnail sketch for Gouache Practice.   Added the X to warn myself away from putting things in the center. 

Below are more gouache studies from my sketchbook:
Stump Pass Marina, 4x5" gouache, Diane Mannion
Pencil sketch with notes, plein air... painted Stump Pass Marina later from memory and notes.
Value study after a Marc Hanson workshop exercise I found online.  Painted black and white gouache first, then attempted to match color values.  Tricky!  Scene was inspired by Brian Blood's, Coastal Light.  Not a copy of his work, simply attempted to analyze a master.
My gouache experiment using limited palettes.
 Marc Hanson has done some fabulous gouache paintings!  Both he and James Gurney are the inspiration for my gouache addiction.  Downloaded Gurney's GOUACHE IN THE WILD video and learned a lot!  Will write glowing review later... meanwhile, go get your own copy.


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