Monday, November 16, 2015

Hermitage Cottages

Hermitage Cottages, 8x10" oil, Diane Mannion

November Morning

Ran into technical difficulties with this.  Used a fast drying type of oil paint but it turned into chewing gum on my palette.   May have been the strong sun and brisk breeze that caused the paint to congeal like old rubber bands, but whatever the reason... not using that stuff again.  Was happy with my start even though it took lots of scraping to remove most of the goo so it could be rescued.  Then went back on location to adjust the colors and details.  Phew...

Aside from standing on a fire ant nest and having ankles bitten (even though I was coated with bug spray!), it was a beautiful morning painting with lots of happy Peace River Painters on Manasota Key.

1 comment: said...

You captured that beautiful shaft of light perfectly. How you did it after ants and having gooey paint shows dedication!
Smart to finish it at home. Turned out great and the glass in those windows are awesome.
I often finish my plein air at home if the light changes too much. I have ruined too many paintings carrying on when I should have stopped.