Monday, December 14, 2015

Sandy Acres

Sandy Acres, 8x10" oil, plein air, Diane Mannion

Sandy Acres Ranch

 Peace River Painters were invited to paint at the home and studio of artist Laszio Kohanec this morning.  Over four hundred acres of fields, ponds, and animals.  What a treat!

Left my quick study of Eileen painting as it was fresh from the field.  Could have fussed and fiddled from photo reference later, but like it as is.  Sun was in and out of the clouds, difficult, constantly changing painting conditions.  Saw sun patterns in foreground and locked them in.

I compressed and simplified a lot, as the location photo shows.
Cameras never capture the color! 
And YES... there were gators in that pond!  
Donkeys brayed like watchdogs when cars pulled in.


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