Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blue Tube

BLUE TUBE, 20x20" oil, Diane Mannion

Slow Painting

Have been working on this for awhile.  It's partly from an old photo I took myself, one that I couldn't delete and kept going back to.  The photo was a lot different than this painting which appeared mostly from imagination.  Changed everything about the old photo but the blue tube, which I loved.  

The boy was much younger and had washed up on the sandy beach.  I made him older, changed his outfit and moved him into to deep water, which I hope gives the painting a bit of drama and danger.
John suggested a shark's fin... didn't want to get that dramatic!

Refreshing change from plein air studies, although painting the surf on location a lot may have helped me visualize this scene.  Used layers of glazing and scumbling, letting one section dry while working on another part or another painting.  

Slow painting allows me to refine, reflect, polish, and take my skill to another level.  Worked in the studio while listening to audio books, but having my studio right next to the kitchen can be dangerous.  Even though I may have eaten too many cookies, I'm darn happy with this one!

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