Wednesday, February 3, 2016


SPAM, 11x14" oil, Diane Mannion

Why I Painted This

While visiting friends, I always look around for things to paint.  This antique pig bank (Buy at Norco and Save on it's side) was locked in a display case along with a collection of vintage objects.  The owner allowed me to borrow his prized possession in exchange for a sketch of it (which I will do asap).

It's always a challenge to paint something completely different and... why I painted this.  Thought the pink roses from my garden would work well along with the vintage pitcher of orange juice because the colors work well together. 

 At first, there was nothing behind the pig and something else was needed in the background.  The can of Spam was John's idea, so we can blame that on him.  Attempted to paint the Spam so it would not dominate the painting... tough!  I like how it added to the zig-zag composition design.

Have been busy working on a commission for the Hughes Gallery, Boca Grande where many of my paintings are finding new homes fast!

1 comment:

Wendy Barrett said...

Another gorgeous painting Diane! How lovely of your friend to lend you his prized possession.
That antique pitcher is divine as is the way you've depicted it.
Diane, you never fail to inspire me!!