Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Artists Acres Pond

Artists Acres Pond, 8x10" oil, Diane Mannion

Sunday Morning Painting

Pleasant morning painting and chatting (art talk, of course) with an artist friend.  The pond was filled with fish, birds, and probably a gator or two.

The Tracy family who own Artists Acres grow their own tilapia (African freshwater fish) which they harvest along with fresh grown fruits and vegetables.  Todd and Mary were busy watering orchids and flowers, arranging rock walls, and painting cabins for artists to paint.  They were also repairing the roof of a shed that caved in when a tree came down from a tornado last week.  Another tree fell neatly between two cabins without damaging a thing.

Could not get this painting to work.  Wiped and scraped and painted over.  Here's how it looked before renovations.   Was not happy with color or values.  Green is the most difficult color to paint!
 Painted the same scene a few years ago and it turned out great!  That painting was "stolen" at an art exhibit because of an error on the price tag.  So I searched my blog, found a copy and attempted to plagiarize my own work for reference.
This was the "stolen" painting.  11x14" and I still like it a lot more!  Will have to go back on location and try again.  My doctored version from last Sunday is OK but not nearly as good.  Another difference is that there were no leaves on the cypress trees this time of the year.  And I only spent a few hours painting while the "stolen" painting took all day on location.
Cormorant drying its wings after swimming.
View from the easel


juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

the light on the tree is so beautiful. I agree the one that was stolen was a good painting but without the comparison the new one still gives me a feeling of time and place.
I enjoyed seeing the Sand Artist painting. It may be a small thing but I LOVE the color of her shadow on the sand. Awesome!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you so much, Julie Ford Oliver! Going back to study Peggi Kroll Roberts ideas of color and value... even though I KNOW EVERYTHING, it all flies out of mind when I start painting. Have signed up for a paintout at Artists Acres in two weeks and will try that location again.
Again, appreciate your comments!!!