Wednesday, May 10, 2017


James, 6x6" oil, Diane Mannion

Artist Painting

Had to squeeze out more colors for this one after yesterday's limited Zorn palette!  Painted alla prima, wet into wet, all at once (even though "once" took longer than I thought).  Painted loose with thick impasto strokes, putting them down and leaving them.  There WAS a lot of mushing and blending  at first to block in the colors… saved the fun thick strokes for last.  Trouble was, I was having too much fun and couldn't stop.

Although I'm working from photos (gasp… oh, the horror!), I don't want them to look like photos, more like paintings.  I know folks like to compliment my work by saying they look like photos… but I don't want to be a giant copy machine.  

Having fun with my artist friends series!  This is James, a watercolorist who painted next to me at El Jobean last Monday with the Peace River Painters.   I have a feeling some of my artist friends will run when they see lurking around with my camera once they know about this series.

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