Monday, May 22, 2017


Kevin, 6x6" pastel, Diane Mannion

About a thirty minute sketch during our life drawing session at Ringling Englewood.  It was two twenty minute poses but had leave for a phone call during half of one.  Had planned to post something completely different, another pastel… but something disastrous happened to it which I hope I can post about tomorrow.

Wish I could find some local long pose sessions with costumes, sometimes it seems like just too much pink.  But I realize how important it is to keep skills sharpened and the members of our group are super nice and a joy to work with.  I look forward to next season, unfortunately, this was the last Tuesday night until September, I think. 

Mostly NuPastel, a few Giraults, and some Sennelier softs on Canson Mi Teintes smooth side.

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