Friday, June 23, 2017

Shady View

Shady View, 6x9" pastel, plein air sketch, Diane Mannion

Color Notes

Delightful morning sketching with my BPB (Best Painting Buddy)!  We've painted together since 2008, have always learned from each other and shared art supply tips.  We have the same interests in materials and methods of painting.  I'm blessed knowing this inspiring artist!

We found a shady spot overlooking the beach which also had a picnic table, handy for comparing pastel sticks.  This is what obsession looks like:

My quick Moleskine ink thumbnail sketch:
Pastel sketch, again… Shady View.
View from the shade.  Again, the camera cannot "see" the colors that are really there.  
These field studies are so important for collecting color notes. 

Worked on Pastelmat using Nupastels, Rembrants, and Giraults.  Experimented with small selection of pastels in a tiny plastic box which I hope will work for traveling this summer.  Alcohol wash after roughed in local color.  Only blended with pastels, no fingers or tools.  Sketch is still in "raw" state, as it was when I left the beach.  But as my BPB said, "Leave it alone… just do another."
My handy 3.5x7" travel pastel box arranged light, medium, darks, and pastel pencil.  Found box in fishing department for about $3.00.  Just something to pop in my bag and go…  

Reminder:  Go to beach more!

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