Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just Beachy

Just Beachy, 6x8" pastel, field study, Diane Mannion

Manasota Key Beach!

Found a shady spot under a seagrape tree this morning and sketched with a few Englewood artists.  It's been brutally hot down here, a bit of sea breeze helped.  And almost every afternoon thunderstorms pop up.  (Have to wrap my poodle in a thunder shirt, even so, she still trembles and drools).  So the beach was busy with folks putting in beach time before the next storm.  

Started off with the usual thumbnail scribble in my Moleskine.  Compressed the scene a lot so I could include the palm tree and the red umbrella.  Left out the fence and signs using my artistic freedom.  The sun and shadows disappeared right after I sketched the scene in and didn't reappear.  Tried to hold on to the first impression of light.
First sketched scene with a blue pastel pencil.  Worked on Uart 400 taped on four sides.  After I blocked in all the local colors, used an alcohol wash.  Sorry I didn't snap photos of these stages, once I got going, went into my zombie-artist-zone-trance.  Happy with the way it turned out!  

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